Lumino kinetic art, lighting for architecture, and production of unusual theatre and special events

Music can bring nations together and Roger Foley is good at presenting
music along with his light productions. We need more!"

Warren Fahey AM

2018 throught to today...

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  • VIVID WALK 2016
    LIGHTSHOWS - 60s to NOW
    by Roger Foley-Fogg
    curated by Sarah Breen Lovett
    Ground floor, Cleland Bond Store on Playfair near Argyle, THE ROCKS, Sydney
    Artistic Director: Ignatius Jones for Destination New South Wales
    from May 27 through June 18, 6:00PM - 11:00PM each night
  • MAPSPACE - Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, Katoomba, group show
    curated by Billy Gruner. Opened by Trish Doyle MP, Member for Blue Mountains


  • NORTH-WEST, Group show, NORTH Contemporary Art Space, North Sydney,
    curated by Billy Gruner.
  • Mountain Folk - A Geometric View, Everglades, Leura,
    curated by Claire Healy & Sean Cordiero
  • Reductive Response. Blue Mountains Grammar School,
    curated by Billy Gruner and Beata Geyer
  • Lumino Kinetic Sculpture, SLOT Gallery Redfern,
    curated by Tony Twigg


  • FOGG was exhibiting in collaboration with Jess Cook and Tony Twigg at SLOT and also at 107 Projects in Redfern this winter, alongside the Vivid exhibition in Sydney
    Blake Price Letter to Roger Foley
    Exhibition Dates: 22 January 2014 – 22 April 2014
    Venue: The Blake Society website – www.blakeprize.com.au. This is an online exhibition.
  • Fogg has been selected as an exhibiting finalist in the Sculpture at Scenic World Exhibition
    Katoomba. 24 April - 18 May, 2013


  • The Darling Harbour Christmas Tree of Light and Laughter, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czFIOilGQeg
  • Interactive Christmas Conversations in collaboration with artist Jess Cook and IT experts MooresCloud. Darling Harbour, Sydney. November 30th - December 26, christmasconversations.com.au
    For the first time you can choose a symbol and a colour to light the tree using your iPhone
  • ELVIS IN GOULBURN - Moody Blue, group exhibition, South Hill Gallery, Goulburn. 28 September - 13 October, 2013
  • LIGHT COLLABORATION - exhibition with artist Jess Cook. SLOT window gallery, 23 May - 15 June, 2013
    LIfe is LIght - the spirits of the bush.
    Katoomba, 24 April - 19 May, 2013
    Scenic World, Roger Foley
  • ETERNITY group exhibition,
    friends of Martin Sharp and Arthur Stace, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney, 12 February - 23 February, 2013
  • MY LIFE AND LOVES - Tales from The Fogg -
    retrospective exhibition. 107 Projects Gallery and Theatre, Sydney, 14 March - 1 April, 2013. Including works from Fogg's exhibitions since 1966. Exhibition of:

    Plans, photographs and production techniques for large and small multimedia happenings,
    Light Sculptures, Lumino Kinetics and Events.
    Costumes for Fogg shows by Madam Lash, Katie Pye and Linda Jackson
    Psychedelic shoes designed by Fogg.
    Posters for various Fogg Lightshows since 1968
    Erotic Ceramics from 1974
    Selections from the series "The Spirit of India" photographs of Lightshows/Exhibitions from and about India
    Selections from the series "The Spirit of the Gija", photographs of Lightshows/Exhibitions from the Kimberley
    Films of and about The Yellow House, interviews with Adrian Rawlins and others.
    Theatre Performances:
    Jim Anderson - London Oz, John Allen - Aquarius Festival, Madam Lash, Cabaret Conspiracy, Andrea Reece
    Master of Ceremonies: Edwina Blush

Tales from the Fogg invitation


  • SIXTIES EXPLOSION - group exhibition of a number of artists and others working in the 1960s. Macquarie University Art Gallery, Sydney, 18 September - 31 October, 2012
    Sixties Explosion flyer

    My 60s Explosion
    a personal view by Roger Foley-Fogg also known as Ellis D Fogg.Albie Thoms, David Perry, Gary Shead, Ubu, Oz Magazine, Richard Neville, Richard Walsh, Martin Sharp, Mick Glasheen, John Allen, The Arts Factory,  The Human Body, Rex Cramphorn’s Performance Syndicate, Willy Young now William Yang,  Sydney University Underground Society, Victor Kay, Watters Gallery, Mike Brown and Vivienne Binns, and many other young people were all ‘happening’ in Australia during the 60s and the best of them were included in my evolving Elli D Fogg Lightshows and Lumino Kinetic work.

    Like many others such as Albie Thoms, my work as an artist rebelled against the usual model of exhibitions of paintings and other work on white walled Galleries, we considered this to be boring and wanted a total multi disciplinary art theatre. Frank Watters chaged this in 1971 when I was asked to create a total environment “WOOM” with Vivienne Binns in his Gallery and was subsequently invited by Albie Thoms to create a room at The yellow House, The Capsule Room.

    The press covered all this experimentation extensively and it became very popular and hip which encouraged many others to produce one off lightworks and theatre pieces with varying degrees of success. In my particular area of Light Sculpture, Environments and Lightshows, Albie Thom’s Ubu group were the only other innovators that consistently came up with new ideas and productions. To finance these developments both Ubu and Fogg offered our art to commercial businesses as long as we were still in control of our work and retained artistic integrity.

    Our concerns as young people included: The Vietnam war, censorship, sexual liberation, state political and police corruption, the white Australia policy, republicanism, apartheid, the voting rights and civil rights marches in the USA and the treatment of our own black people. women’s liberation, the pill and contraception, abortion, sexual repression and the general repression, malaise and boredom of society. I worked at making my Lightshows reflect these concerns in a manner that was entertaining.

    Our disrespect for authority figures and encouragement to think for ourselves came not only from Albie Thom’s obscenity trial, the trials of the Oz, nor from Timothy Leary’s writings but also from the fact that Nazi war criminals were denied the defence ‘only following orders’. The 1961 Eichmann trial was a reminder that you have a responsibilty to think for yourself and to not blindly follow authority.

    I  had been brought up by strong and artistic women, my mother Hazel Foley and my Aunt Eileen Foley, a musician, who had encourage my interest in art. I had wanted to be a sculptor since I was 12, and had played with anomalous light and colour and imagined that I would work in theatre, perhaps making sculpture that could be used on stage. When I left school in 1959 my Aunt advised that the coming big thing would be guitars and lights and my mother advised I should learn something that could support me financially so I worked in a factory learning to use hand and machine tools during the day, went to University and then Art School at night and worked in the Lighting departments of various theatres in my spare time.

    I was aware of the influence of Ghandi’s India and the colourful Hindi Gods on the counter culture movement then sweeping the Western world - young folk particularly liked the fact that multinationals such as Coca Cola were banned in India. I was also inspired by New York’s The Living Theatre - still performing in 2012, Albie Thom’s Theatre of Cruelty at Sydney University and the American West Coast Hippy movement which became Flower Power, the contrasting Andy Warhol Exploding Plastic Inevitable with Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground on the East Coast. And the power of Rock and Roll music and its message which I added to my theatre shows, first at a small hall in Kensington for The Psychedelic Party, Mixed Media and Banana Freakout show with Brian Robson’s band and then later at The UNSW Roundhouse with Tully where we had a full house with a thousand people who could not get in to the show watching through the glass walls.

    I continued to make Light sculptures, first maquettes and then larger versions to use on stage. I devised designed and directed and produced the Lightshows utilising the best artists I could find. Ubu films, Victor Kay’s curved screens and handmade 35mm films, Aggy Read’s hand painted slides, Eddie Van Der Madden’s Wetshows and beautiful handmade Kaleidoscope projectors, Geoffrey Rose’s painted scenery, Alex Boyd’s stroboscopes, Vivienne Binn’s paintings, Christine Koltai’s dance, with some very impressive bands and musicians including Tully, The Nutwood Rug, Company Caine, Heart and Soul, The Turkish Green Electric band, Jeff St John, Wendy Saddington and the great Jean Lewis. This work led to later productions with Jazz men such as John Sangster and with composer Peter Sculthorpe and the Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras.

    My shows are always sexy and pushed the boundaries because conservative attitudes to censorship and sexuality have never gone away. Beautiful girls were always coming up to me at concerts wanting to take their clothes off and dance around the band as living screens for our projections. I always said yes. Then late in 1969 I met Gretel Pinniger a beautiful arts student who earned money as an artists model, by making leather clothes and by working the strip club circuit at Kings Cross as Madam Lash. We struck up a friendship and determined to put her handmade costumes and her friends in our Lightshows which we did at the beginning of the following decade. So that is another story.

    I acknowledge the archives of Albie Thoms for assistance with this memoir.

    Roger Foley-Fogg September 2012

  • KINDNESS / UDARTA. Australia-India Cultural Exchange - group exhibition of 140 Australian and Indian writers, musicians and artists,
    Visual Arts Gallery, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, March 16, 2012
    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Atrium Level 1, Canberra, ACT, May 31, 2012
    RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, June 29 - August 25, 2012


  • ARTSPACE MACKAY - Regional public art gallery and museum, Director Michael Wardell, July, 2011.
    lumino kinetic exhibition in the Cox Rayner Gallery and community work with 'Art by Night' for the MECC assisted by Edwina Blush.

“The title of this art exhibition - Racism and Reconciliation - will indeed go a long way in establishing friendship between our two countries. And yes you're right, art and the feelings artists bring out with their works will certainly help in bringing our countries together."

Smt. Meira Kumar, Hon Speaker of the Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament)
  • RACISM and RECONCILIATION, a group exhibition of Indian and Australian artists in an attempt to better understand the recent strain in the relations between our two countries and start the first ever dialogue on this issue through art. Artists: Seemas Kohli, Dhiraj Singh, Tracey Deep and Roger Foley-Fogg. Curator Sahar Zaman. ART KONSULT GALLERY, Hauz Khas, Delhi, India. Jan 28 through March, 2011.
  • Video Newsreel. "WE ARE ALL FRIENDS NOW" 9’50”. See it here: We are all friends now- Racism and Reconciliation in Oz
    Smt. Meira Kumar has acquired a copy of this video for Indian Parliamentary Archives.
  • See the LOK SABHA Television report about the exhibition here: Lok Sabha TV - Expressions


  • Joy to the World, our 2010 version of this continuing seasonal positive message in light. See it here: Joy To The World - 2010
  • Lumino Kinetics - The Spirit of India - a work in progress, artist in residence, NG Art Gallery, Chippendale, NSW. June 1 - 22, 2010
  • Lumino Kinetics - 7 Light Sculptures, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Center. Feb 6 -Feb 28, 2010 New work "The Spirit of India" Retrospective work Site specific work
    Lumino Kinetics Flyer, Roger FoleyElemental , Roger Foley
    The Spirit of India - Elemental #1 - Wet - Leds, rope light, steel mesh, plywood, acrylics, 240 x 120 cm

    "Despite the monsoon, It was an amazing exhibition of superb masterpieces of light. Extraordinary creativity and humour to change our way of seeing."

    Professor Ross Steele AM, Officier de la Légion d'Honneur: March 2010
Elemental, Roger Foley, day
elementals, day. Leds, rope light, steel mesh, plywood, acrylics on painted wall. 500cm x 360cm
Elemental, Roger Foley, night time
elementals, night. Leds, rope light, steel mesh, plywood, acrylics on painted wall. 500cm x 360cm
The Spirit of India, Roger Foley
the spirit of India,
leds, rope light, timber frame, steel mesh, acrylics, 2000cm x 300cm
Light of Love, Roger Foley
light of love – 60s retrospective, leds, rope light, timber frame, steel mesh, polythene, 450cm x 300cm
The Great Smorg, Roger Foley, day
the great simurgh – day.
leds, rope light, timber frame, steel mesh, acrylic mirror, acrylic paint, 240cm x 240cm
The Great Smorg, Roger Foley, night
the great simurgh – night
leds, rope light, timber frame, steel mesh, acrylic mirror, acrylic paint, 240cm x 240cm
River of Light, Roger Foley
river of light – site specific work, leds and controller
Psychedelic Mandala, Roger Foley
psychedelic kinetic mandala 1966-2010,
leds, electronic controller, acrylics, 60cm x 60cm
Mandala #1, Roger Foley
mandala one
Mandala #2, Roger Foley
mandala one

Mandala One

mandala one – details as the work is played to music leds, rope light, timber frame, steel mesh, polythene, 240cm x 240cm
mandala one – details as the work is played to music
leds, rope light, timber frame, steel mesh, polythene, 240cm x 240cm
Psichedelic Mandalas, Roger Foley
5 x psychedelic mandalas – 60s retrospective
Art by Roger Foley
Photo by Jon Lewis
Roger Foley, aka Mr. Fogg
farewell to – the last indeterminate and ephemeral fogg sculpture
Photography by Jim Anderson and Wendy Shaw

I called this performance rather grandly: “The Last Ephemeral and Indeterminate Fogg Sculpture” – Fogg sculpture is an attempt to illustrate my belief that there is no such thing as objective reality…everything is subjective. You see what you want to see. Or not. Then there is consensual reality- the everyday. The song is Tiny Tim singing The Icecaps are Melting.

A great impromptu performance by Christa Hughes a wonderful and generous artistic spirit… Note in the background Louise Ferrier the great beauty of London Oz and with her shopping bags 70s performance artist Gretel Pinniger, also in the audience Jim Anderson and other 60s luminaries.


  • The Wave of Stoke, lumino kinetic sculpture - Wax On - Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre.
    Curated by Nell Schofield. 5 Dec 2009 - 31 Jan 2010
  • Australian Boofhead - Australian Ethical Art Show for World Environment Day, Tap Gallery, June, 2009
    Rainbow floats, Roger Foley
    RAINBOW – over two paddle steamers in the Harbour of Light Parade, Sydney, New Years Eve 2009. This sculpture was later used on a truck, the RAINBOW FREEDOM and POSITIVITY FLOAT in the SG&L Mardi Gras Parade up Oxford Street , Sydney on March 7th, 2009. Photography by John Morris
Rainbow float, Sydney Mardi Gras
Photo by Wendy Shaw
Rainbow Float, Sydney Mardi Gras
Our Mardi Gras Float was about Justice, Freedom and Equality for all. Photo by William Yang.
  • Research “LED EXPO 2009” – DELHI.
  • Research “SPIRIT OF INDIA” project, visiting Delhi, Vadodara - Baroda, Agra and Mumbai.
  • SEVEN ASPECTS of LIGHT continuing work on multimedia - film, lumino kinetic sculpture, installation, happening now including -The Spirit of India- and meaning of Diwali
  • NEWSREEL MOVIE - Makara Sankranthi Kite and Firework Festival from the terrace roof of Mr and Mrs Shah’s house in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Celebrating the movement of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere, the beginning of Uttarayana. Makara Sankranthi refers to the sun entering the zodiac sign of Makara or Capricorn and the accompanying positive thought and inspiration - may you go higher & higher, to more & more light.

  • NEWSREEL MOVIE - The enduring light of love reflected from the Taj Mahal and filmed from different locations under the full moon from dusk to dawn and day.
  • Continuing work on artist’s studios and a collection of 60s Dreams and Aspirations and the compilation of 60’s popular art in The Blue Mountains.
  • Continuing pro bono lightshow and photographic work in the Kimberley with our indigenous brothers, the Gija, as required. See http://www.photoarts.com/journal/roger_foley/intro.html
  • Continuing work - Ghana Project – Art Action Accra - on hold while Ms Afua Alando studies in Sweden.


    • 3 x ‘LIGHT’ Maquettes – Gallery de l'Ordure – Lawson, 2008
    • Kalaacc Festival 2008Gaadmungungardi - Light and sound for the private, indigenous and sacred KALACC FESTIVAL 2008 – for the Arnbarda Community at old Mt Barnett Station, Gibb River Road, The Kimberley, Western Australia.
    • joytotheworld_09bigJOY to the World 08 - Darling Harbour, Sydney
      art directed by Fogg“Joy to the World 08” - Our symbol for an Australian Christmas - The Christmas Tree of Light - Sydney, Australia
      (i) a Christian celebration,
      (ii) a time for family to come together sharing food and gifts and
      (iii) when an evergreen tree is a symbol of hope during the northern winter and a symbol of fun in the sun down under.






  • Design and Production of Australian themed Events for several private clients.
  • Research trip to: Amsterdam, Accra, Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangmen. Investigating the latest developments in bright LED lighting for the solar powering of trees in public spaces for the City of Sydney.
  • Continuing development of the expanded animated Australian Christmas Tree of Light for Darling Harbour – Sydney
  • Consultant – Parramatta Park Christmas Celebrations
  • Upgrade and renewal of the Lumino Kinetic Sculpture “COSMOS” for Sally and Will Baillieu of Portsea, Melbourne.
  • “Spirit of the Ghanaians” finalist, BLAKE PRIZE for Religious Art, 2007
    Love all, Roger Foley
    Love All, 90cm x 90cm, archival print on board, Spirit of the Ghanaians, detail.